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Day Centers

Our goal at Thelma’s Place is to provide primary caregivers a break to re-energize and rest while their loved ones participate in daily activities designed for those with memory loss. We are a non-profit organization providing resources for the community including family support and professional guidance as well as a safe, fun and secure day respite program. We now have two amazing locations to serve you!


Thelma’s Place, a non-profit center for people and their families living with memory loss, provides volunteers with many opportunities to make a difference for those who can no longer help themselves. From teaching, fund-raising, speaking at local events, playing music, crafting, doing office work, driving our van, and even being a social butterfly–your talent will help us immensely! Many people say they get back so much more than they give when they volunteer.


There are a number of ways to donate to help us continue offering quality care to people living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. We offer respite to caregivers whether they have the ability to pay or not because we know it is a very difficult job to care for someone with memory loss. The generous contributions of our donors make it possible to offer quality programs that dramatically improve the quality of many lives.

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