Whoopsy Daisy Childcare

Whoopsy Daisy, a division of Thelma’s Place provides services to children 3-6 years and is centered at Countryside Living Redmond. Inter-generational care provides unique benefits that are not available in traditional care. When children and seniors interact, the outcome is beneficial to everyone involved. For seniors, inter-generational care provides for enhanced socialization and a greater sense of engagement, plus better emotional and mental health, stronger physical health, a decrease in isolation and a sense of value and community involvement.

For children, studies show positive attitude to the aging process, greater sensitivity to persons with disabilities, reduced fear of the elderly, higher academic scoring and socially / personally matured. At Thelma’s Place, participants will have the opportunity to socialize and interact with children enrolled in Whoopsy Daisy on a daily basis. Together, participating in reading, games, art, music, outings and just talking and learning from one another.

This innovative program provides child care for ages 3-6 years old, and includes interaction with participants in our adult day program for seniors. Something magical happens every day at Whoopsy Daisy Child Care when the young and the old spend time together. A special bond forms that rises above differences in age and ability.

Volunteer For Whoopsy

Volunteers are an integral part of our mission at Whoopsy Daisy Childcare. We carefully select our volunteers to work in our inter-generational program, if you feel that you are the right person to work with us, please complete the application below.

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Whoopsy Daisy is non-profit organization and welcomes donations in all forms. If you would like to contribute please reach out to us and we will get right back to you.

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At Whoopsy Daisy we are embedded in the past, present and the future, bridging the gap between young and old. Our goal is to provide children with a fun environment allowing us to build active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

If your interested in having your child participate in our program, please fill out the information and we will get right back to you!